Ninna and the baby sprout

Sometimes it is suddenly fall even though you didn’t think it could be. It is night more often and your shoes are full of sand. In the fall you will start school. Even though your 6th birthday isn’t until December.

Client: Natur & Kultur
Date: 2015-10-08
Services: Children's book

Getting a sibling is a big deal. Imagine that suddenly your own adults get a baby so that you can become a sibling! But actually it’s Chance that determines everything. And Chance can be quite mischievous.

“When mothers have babies in their belly it’s a secret. But it shows anyway. They throw up, stop smoking, laugh like they are about to cry and kiss one on the head eight times. They are sneaky while they tell grandmother – She does not know yet, but I’ll tell her. Soon. It’s often fun to think that I will become a big sister. Other days one needs to write lists. 1. The baby cannot borrow my beads. 2. It cannot be born on my birthday. 3. And if it screams too much, I’ll move in with dad, one shouts. Do you get it?”

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