Ninna and the storm school

Sometimes it is suddenly fall even though you didn’t think it could be. It is night more often and your shoes are full of sand. In the fall you will start school. Even though your 6th birthday isn’t until December.

Client: Natur & Kultur
Date: 2015-10-08
Services: Children's book


“The books about Ninna (this is the third one) are both poetic and philosophical at the same time as being deeply grounded in the everyday.

Ninna’s thoughts jump freely between difficult existential questions, cool flashing shoes and pony games. It’s totally believable and with a clear child’s perspective. In Ninna and the Storm School, Ninna is about to start school. It’s all very important and nerveracking. And at the same time everything feels almost normal? Her fellow students are just regular children, the schoolmistress is an old man, and then it’s time for break. Matilda Ruta’s colourful imagery is recognisable for its dramatic watercolour skies filled to the brim with atmosphere, a list of well-drawn characters that come in a multitude of guises without this needing to be remarked on. Some have darker skin, some glasses, some have two daddies and some have a skateboard. Just like in real life.”

-New Swedish Books, Autumn 2017, presented by the Swedish Arts Council.

“When you start school you become a schoolchild. Schoolchildren count letters and write down numbers. They know what fish eat and can throw pebbles that bounce on the water. ‘When we start school we’ll play together every single break,’ your best friend might say. But how can you really promise that?”

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