Strindberg comic exhibition

Strindberg at Four in the Morning 

The collage method is brittle and haphazard, and thus suitable for making comics out of Strindberg’s play »A Dream Play« and his manifesto »Small Catechism for the Working Class«. If you cut in one place, the pattern is destroyed elsewhere. The bridges that hold something up can look
superfluous until they are cut away and the pattern falls. Sketching is impossible. You have to work with a double glance and see both the hole and the surface. With difficult patterns, you face the alternatives to make the image more complicated but risk breaking the paper, or be content with
a so-so image that is whole.

The longer I work with Strindberg, the less I understand him. He is so indecisive, sometimes thinking one thing and sometimes another. After some research into what he really thinks and what I really think about him, I got cross and tired of having to understand whiny men. So instead I
made a comic about myself and about drawing Strindberg at four in the morning.


Life is not for amateurs – Swedish comics artists interpret Strindberg is a group exhibition that pays tribute to the celebrated and controversial writer by connecting him to the work of several present-day Swedish talents. Strindberg’s influence is still strongly felt in contemporary Swedish society, and in fact some of these comic book creators have drawn inspiration from the man or his books to develop their own work. This connection between Strindberg and the artists he has inspired is the theme of the exhibition, which displays a number of original works based on Strindberg the man and his world.”

The exhibition started in Europe’s biggest and most important comics festival in Angouleme. After that it moved to the Swedish institute in Paris, and then to Botkyrka, Sweden.






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